The  idea  of  creating  Rail  Project  Management  (RPM)  came  into  existence  when  the company’s founder Maciej Wysocki parted with ITL Polska – a railway carrier belonging to SNCF consortium.

A  long-term  experience  in  the  business,  contacts  with  all  levels  of  management  in Western and Eastern Europe alike, organizational skills and the know-how of the rail market and  logistics  chains  in  international  transport  constitute  the  exceptional  potential  of  the RPM company.

RPM  is  an  advisory  enterprise.  We  provide  managerial,  consulting  and  forwarding services. First of all we can offer professional management for transport projects as well as comprehensive arrangement of rail transport services to and from CIS countries and other far east countries, which includes but is not limited to:

  1. organizing freight for a given destination East-West-East,
  2. organizing 1520mm wagons at a transfer station at an eastern border,
    organizing European transport unloading and loadingfor 1520mm wagons, including securing cargo on a wagon,
  3. organizing  lease  of  1520mm  wagon  for  the  time  of  carriage  for  the  requested destination,
  4. organizing customs clearance including: SAD export,documents translation, filling in the SMGS consignment note,
  5. organizing customs inspection at the border crossing.
  6. organizing crossing Belarus border, bypassing PKP Cargo and border fees.

Additionally  we  can  offer  you  comprehensive  arrangement  of  rail  transport  services across  European  countries  as  well  as  mediation and  matching partners  for  the  sale  of gas, LPG, diesel oil, coal, fertilizers and other imported goods from the East

Maciej Wysocki